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Smart.  Comprehensive.  Innovative.

I began sewing at age 9, and quickly immersed myself in dressmaking.  Having no formal fashion design edcuation, I developed innovative approaches to garment construction and copied designs from Vogue magazine in order to acquire the skills of a patternmaker.  


While earning my undergraduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis, I spent my summers employing these patternmaking skills in the bridal industry in New York City- I produced many runway gowns from sketches alongside several master patternmakers. My subsequent education at Parsons School of Design broadened my love of design- teaching me the finer sciences of color and texture, utilizing space, and design branding.  


In 2011, I moved to Washington, DC and transitioned into the world of interiors and home design.  I have had wonderful experiences working for several interior design firms doing both design and project management.  Designing spaces is a channel to achieve the ultimate balance between aesthetics and function. 


I began Katharine Howard Design in 2013 to share my love of excellent craftsmanship and my design philosophy through a strategically organized business.  We should make our life spaces truly tailored to us because we can.


I am a proud native of the lovely Simsbury, Connecticut and a world traveler who has explored parts of Japan, England, Egypt, and the European continent.  I'm an outdoors enthusiast, owing my love of the mountains to my father, who raised my brother and me hiking the Whites in New Hampshire.  I spend my free time in DC on kayaking and camping trips, reading history and biography books, studying languages, and indulging in all kinds of creative projects.

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